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Like many artists in the music industry, Naromy was no exception to making her debut as a church singer. She discovered her talent as well as this great passion for music through gospel songs and others. Growing up, she admired R&B and Pop style singers such as: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. In her twenties, Naromy participates as vocal support on various songs for HMI (Haitian Music Industry) artists. The aspiring star has always known that she wants to pursue a musical career, but she has to overcome many challenges in order to achieve her dream.


In 2007, she joined the Montreal group Black Parents for their success “My number one” as a backing vocalist and lyricist. During that same year, she composed and performed two musical pieces for the release of the very first Haitian film on New York territory which is called “Confusion” 'directed by Ronel Chout & Denis Pierre Antoine. During the big premiere, she is presented by Réginald Lubin and gives a performance of his composition "What is life" in front of an audience which leaves everyone speechless.

In 2010, the singer adapted one of her musical compositions to the event of the earthquake that occurred in Haiti on January 12th. This song stayed unheard until the 8th anniversary of the tragedy.      

In 2011, she participated in a Quebec variety show "Zéro à mille", where she won the second place prize. Following several years of withdrawal from the musical world to concentrate on her family life, Naromy returns to her first love. The music. She decides to take her dream seriously and embarks on her musical career.

In January 2018, Naromy launched her unpublished composition from 2010 entitled "Wale". This finally marks the official launch of his solo adventure on the web. She also released her new composition "Pa fe mwen mal" as well as "Frissone" which were successful on the airwaves of a local Montreal radio station.

During the 2020 pandemic, Naromy obtained a role as Show Critic of the most listened show on the Instagram platform in the Haitian community, Dr. Love Live hosted by Flav Gabel. Naromy's presence led her to be one of the five co-hosts of the break in the show's first season. This allowed her to land several golden business opportunities including the performance of her musical piece "Frissone" in Florida.


2021 is off to a good start for the singer. She is performing in Atlanta for the Dr. Love Celebrity brunch, working on her new EP and several collaborations are to come. 


Naromy The Black Diamond is a name to remember because it will not cease to resonate in the world of HMI.






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